Are You A Victim Of GroupThink?


More and more people are talking about spiritual awakening these days. As with any change there can be a backlash so the question is are you a victim of groupthink? Groupthink happens any time there is a change of perception and we are living in a time where you or someone you know may wind up being a victim of groupthink.

Are You A Victim Of GroupThink?

Here is some information for that Gregg Prescott wrote…

Have you noticed a change in your relationships with other people lately?  Is it sometimes difficult or awkward to talk to others about spiritual topics?  Do you, at times, feel alone in your beliefs?   Have you lost contact with any long time friends recently?  You are not alone!

I’m fortunate to have a lot of Facebook friends who post similar types of links. Too many times, I see a lot of people who talk the talk but are afraid to walk the walk, due to being ridiculed for their thoughts and posts (GROUPTHINK). I’ve lost some longtime friends because of this but have made many, many new ones. Once the ego is released, you no longer worry about conformity and peer pressure.

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that structures various belief systems within a group of people while discouraging individual creativity and independent thinking.  Even within a group of individuals who are spiritually awakened, you will find groupthink. 

If you look at the recorded history of mankind, you’ll find that this history is merely someone’s interpretation of a landmark event or evolutionary process, backed by eyewitness testimonial, scientific data, video or faith.  The actual truth may be hidden or distorted for many reasons, but mostly for control and power.  Look no further than the origins of mankind and you’ll find a plethora of creation myths from all cultures with varying dates of our existence.  Who’s right? 

Can you talk to your friends about the universe?  Do they know what a stargate or chakra is?  Are they willing to talk about ascension or spiritual enlightenment?  

When you talk to people about the creation myth, they tend to remain inside the box with a belief system that supports religion’s story of creation, which dates mankind back to 4000 B.C.  If you raise questions about our true origins, it tends to separate people and relationships between those who think outside the box versus those who think inside the box.  When these topics arise within relationships, they often create dissention.  It’s hard for anyone to admit they’ve been deceived for so long and even more difficult to admit they were possibly wrong in their assumptions. 

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While I can understand the fear and the warning of loosing some friends because of your spiritual awakening and what Gregg has overlooked is that groupthink goes the other way as well. Are you a victim of groupthink is a two way street because spiritual awakening can lead to looking to another group to identify with and a  new groupthink that is adopted.

When you and I realize it’s ok to have different beliefs then we don’t loose friends  as we can accept each person where they are. What happens is we gain more friends and others we are still there for and because of our change in interest we spend more time with different people. And if we are judging others less by not expecting them to have the same beliefs we have there is less victimhood or being tripped up by groupthink.

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