Christian Mobile Apps: ‘Five-Minute Christian Meditation’


When it comes to meditation it seems some times Christians are left out. Technology to the rescue, now we have Christian Mobile Apps: ‘Five-Minute Christian Meditation’. Christians are taught to pray and are seldom taught the listening part of pray. There is the talking aspect of prayer which is asking and there is the listening part of prayer which is contemplative or meditative.

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White Buffalo Solutions’ iPhone application “Five-Minute Christian Meditation” helps Christians master the art of meditation.

This faith-based app offers users a choice of four meditation techniques. These techniques are based on the messages an individual needs to discover within God’s word.

The app’s official website mentioned the forgotten art of meditation: “In many ways, Christian meditation is a lost art. It is not actively practiced by many Christians today. White Buffalo Solutions created The Five-Minute Christian Meditation to provide Christians with a simple tool to learn to incorporate meditation into their dailyworship. It can be a first step in learning the art of Christian meditation as well as a way to refocus and recharge.”

According to the app’s website, users of the app can enhance their experience through a few techniques, such as being in a completely relaxed state, closing one’s eyes after memorizing a Bible verse, and then repeating a verse multiple times.

The website also offered a summary on how the app can help Christian followers.

“The Five-Minute Christian Meditation iPhone app will assist you with learning the important art of meditation. It will fill your mind with Word of God and its empowering language. Each meditation will guide you through a brief meditation on three verses from the Bible,” said the app’s website. 

The “Five-Minute Christian Meditation” app is currently sold on the Apple App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with the iPhone 4S and past models of the iPhone. Apple’s iTouch and iPad users can also operate the app.

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I think it is a great idea for Christians to take advantage of Christian Mobile Apps: ‘Five-Minute Christian Meditation’. What do you think?


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