The Bully Named Chip


the bully name chipTalk is cheap so it’s a good place to start. The inability of schools to teach emotional control to students has resulted in more and more bullying in schools. The bully named Chip represents where emotions are blocked which comes from the saying he’s got a chip on his shoulder meaning, he’s looking for a fight and is daring anyone to knock the chip off his shoulder.

The Bully Named Chip

Michael Jascz the director of The Relationship Foundation wrote in the Huffington Post…

Bullying and other forms of social cruelty in high schools will not end just with anti-bullying campaigns. In order to change a culture of bullying and aggression, schools must implement teachings that provide an alternative. Bullying prevention begins with encouraging students to talk about their feelings in a language that is safe and helpful. Social skills will not come from an occasional assembly or after a bullying case has gained public attention. Social and emotional education should become a learned vocabulary in day-to-day life.

We’ve found through our work in New York City high schools that encouraging students to communicate their feelings respectfully is not as challenging as it might seem. Students want to talk about relationships. In our classes, students write essays, journal entries, poems and self-evaluations about the subject. Having a space to discuss relationships takes this complex issue into the realm of honest discussion and awareness. One of the questions we ask students at the beginning of our course is how they would feel if made fun of by a friend in front of their peers. Many students are unable to articulate their feelings at first, saying they would “brush it off” or even “hit someone.” After a few classes, however, they are able to describe their feelings more clearly as they become empowered with healthy alternatives. In a safe environment where students are encouraged to discuss their emotions and needs, aggression naturally decreases as students are better able to understand themselves and empathize with others.

The full article on bullying is here.

This writer finds it quite amazing with all the cutting edge technology that is so easy to learn and that is extremely effective in removing the bully named chip by simply relieving the pressure of constricted or restricted emotional charge, that creates the emotional overwhelm in the first place that people are going the lesser route, the harder and longer route of encouraging students to communicate their feelings respectfully.

The amazing thing is that no one has to communicate any feelings to be able to remove the emotional charge that creates the problem in the first place. Simply self help tools like  Basic PEAT. Emotrance or EFT can solve 90 to 95% of the bully named chip problem. And these tools are easy to teach and even easier to learn.

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