The Cancer Grudge


Some people say that holding a grudge can cause cancer. That’s like saying water causes flooding. Not all water causes flooding only water that is out of control causes flooding. In the same way a grudge is simply emotional energy that is being held or blocked from flowing and any time emotional energy is prevented from flowing dis-ease including cancer can be a result or an indirect result of it.

It depends on how one defines what emotional energy is and how deep one is willing to look into the structure of how everything is made. From a Vibrational Energy point of view, everything is energy and the cause of any and all dis-ease and/or illness is a misalignment of the energy flow which creates constrictions and restrictions in the flow and balance of energy. When we look at everything from a vibrational energy perspective we see how this can be the case.

Dean Davis wrote a piece at in it he wrote:

I’ve often heard some people say that ‘holding a grudge will give you cancer’. Personally, I don’t believe that withholding some resentment will directly determine whether or not you’ll get cancer.

However, these built-up feelings of anger and negativity may actually have a physiological effect on your health… and more often than not, it’s unlikely to be good for you. I must be honest I used to have a bad habit of holding grudges. In fact, I even held a grudge against the guy who used to bully me when I was just 8-years old!

Being bitter about bad experiences can be expected but to build up so much resentment for the people who caused them can take a toll on your health.

A good friend of mine recently took me aside and said that I should really ‘let it all go’ because I really should be focusing on the future and not dwell on the past. He also said that all the negative emotions I was feeling was holding me back from unleashing my true potential…from a business, personal and even physical level.

I agreed with him and decided to drop the ‘emotional baggage’ I was carrying and just get on with enjoying my life. It wasn’t easy at first but once I realized how my health and personality were being affected, I knew I just had to do it.

I’m already noticing improvements! The mental block I used to have when it came to business and even my golf game has started to erode quite rapidly. I no longer feel held back and instead of doubting myself…I now always back myself to achieve the goals I set out in front of me. Those emotional demons of the past were actually little mole-hills that I thought were mountains.

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While Dean got good advice at what he should do… i.e. “let it go”, “focus on the future and not dwell on the past”, no one ever showed him how to actually do this and he struggled and found it not easy and it took him unnecessary time and effort which cost him money and potential on the business, personal as well as physical level. If you want the freedom and benefits that Dean finally got and you want to get them quickly and thoroughly with speed and grace let’s discuss it so you can get results now.

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