Why Hypnosis Does Not Work


Why Hypnosis Does Not WorkEvery month or so someone who isn’t trained writes about why hypnosis does not work for certain people. Usually it is a college or research wing of a university. The latest reason hypnosis does not work is because of a person’s decision making ability. And according to the professionals who are not experts in hypnosis decision making ability is determined by one’s ability to refrain from making quick judgments.

Here is an article from Topnews.us

Why Hypnosis Does Not Work

A group of researchers at the Stanford University in the U. S. claims that it has found the reason why only a few people can be hypnotized. Their decision-making ability allows them the same, says the team.

It is being said that a much mysterious medical treatment, hypnosis, can be given to some people, while not to others, because these people are decisive. Better attention power of theirs allows them to be more prone to hypnosis.

`Archives of General Psychiatry’ has published the report in its October issue and the same has revealed that the ones who do not get hypnotized are the ones who judge easily. As per the findings, this trait of theirs halts them from surrendering.

On the contrary, hypnosis needs a lot of focus along with a good concentration level. It is a state of something like surreal and is largely used to manage phobias, reduce pain as well as for controlling anxiety.

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What the article fails to mention and most do not understand is that it is not hard getting people into a trance the difficulty comes in getting people out of the trance they are already in. Hypnosis is about helping people become more proficient in moving from less useful trances to more useful trances.

As a master hypnotist with over 30 years of experience and thousands of research papers from numerous universities that don’t usually make the papers the ones that are the difficult to help are people with an IQ below 70. Other than that all of us go in and out of different trance states all the time.

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